Big Skies

Garden & Gallery Champagne Picnic


Wednesday 1 May 2019

Tickets for Garden & Gallery Champagne Picnic are currently off sale.
12.00 - 4.00pm

Kylie Bourne's Property
"Sunnyview", 267 Hookswood-Pelham Road, Miles, QLD, 4415

Kylie Bourne Mosaics studio and garden-gallery will be open for viewing, so why not come along and enjoy an afternoon of mingling and meeting under the 100-year-old jacarandas on the banks of the Dogwood Creek!

$55 / ticket - includes gourmet picnic lunch and glass of champagne on arrival.

Beverages will also be available to purchase.

Kylie Bourne is an artist that is driven by her love of colour, nature, environment, family, friends, and gardening.  She enjoys working with glass predominately and creates artworks that reflect her personality.

Kylie’s artistic journey began around 2002 in a rather peculiar manner – whilst at home raising a young family and busily gardening, she decided that the septic tank in the house yard required ‘blending’ into the garden.  After much deliberation, the grand plan of mosaicing the septic tank began, and to this end, it is now covered with hand-cut glass flowers, bees, and dragonflies—and so a passion for mosaic was discovered.
Professionally, Kylie has progressed from simplistic designs to larger scale works that enable her to create more intricate detail.  As she is self- taught this has been a gradual yet rewarding process, Kylie continues to challenge and develop her skills and passion for working with glass.
The majority of her work to date has been created using hand-cut coloured glass, tiles, and mirror, however, she also explores ideas through sculpture.  
Kylie also enjoys sharing her passion for art and mosaics through workshops and installation works throughout regional communities.